OR #10 – Shallow Roots of Local Development or Branching Out for New Opportunities: How Local Communities in Mozambique may Benefit from Investments in Land and Forestry Exploitatio

Autor: Emelie Blomgren & Jessica Lindkvist
This study examines how local communities may benefit from investments in land as well as forestry exploitation in Mozambique. The topic connects to the posed research problem in which these types of investments could entail both negative and positive implications for local communities and could thus be seen as land grab or development opportunities.

The effects of investments on local communities will be investigated through two mechanisms in the Mozambican law with potential to benefit communities; through giving back a part of the fee derived by the government from operators employed in forestry exploitation to local communities as well as the promises made by operators in forestry exploitation and investors in land as a result of community consultations.
Data: Outubro de 2013





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